Management of
Co-ownership Syndicates

The benefits of choosing Trustcan

Co-ownerships entrusted to our team are managed rigorously. Our management team’s operating efficiency and the transparency as to our cost structure maximize your annual budget. Your peace of mind is our priority. This is why you benefit from a standby team 24/7, besides being able to access all information and documents pertaining to your syndicate of co-ownership at all times via our secured Intranet.

Emergency telephone hotline available 24/7. 
Direct access to our secure intranet

Turnkey management or according to your specific needs

Financial management Administrative management Operational management
Financial management

Perform banking operations. 

Collection and recovery of co-ownership charges. 

Payment of invoices. 

Bookkeeping and preparation of computerized financial reports. 

Management of the contingency fund. 

Assist the Board of Directors in the planning and the preparation of the annual budget.  

Administrative management

Annual General Meeting: organization of the meeting, support at the meeting, registering and compiling the votes. 

Negotiate the Syndicate insurance coverage, upon request and according to the Board directives. 

Maintain at all times, and on mutual basis, communication between the parties to the convention then in force. 

Apply and communicate the terms of the by-laws of the declaration of co-ownership and any other by-law and / or amendment existing or that may subsequently be adopted by the Board, and for which the Manager has received a copy from the Board of Directors of the co-ownership. 

Recommendation of professionals and suppliers to the Board, when required.  

Operational management

Preparation of quotations and obtaining bids, when required by the Board, for urgent repairs and/or major works.  

Planning and supervision of normal and routine maintenance work.*

Negotiate and manage all service contracts. 


*The Manager does not vouch for the work done by the various suppliers and trades.  


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